Is the Bible Perfect? (It Doesn’t Really Matter)

In 1978 the Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy was published in reaction to biblical liberalism. It states that, “scripture is without error or fault in all its teaching…” Biblical inerrancy has caused much debate, and there are many opposing and supporting […]

Our “Silent Storm”, His Happy Calm

On Saturday night my wife and I watched the annual Eurovision Song Contest, cheering on our favorite song from the Netherlands (which ended up in 2nd place). For my American friends, Eurovision is a contest where each European country presents […]

Hyper Legalism > Hyper Grace? No.

The so called “Hyper-Grace” message has been hailed as “the greatest deception of the 21st century.” Many prominent leaders have spoken out by writing books, and giving messages exposing this “great danger”. But is Hyper Grace really such a big […]

What if All Means ALL?

What if all really means ALL? What if we could actually see that all humanity is in the same boat? That there are no outsiders to Grace. That no one is excluded. That there is no inner-circle with God. What […]

10 Accomplishments of the Cross

Thursday I began a series of articles (and a video) on Easter. I began by expressing what I feel are the ten ways we should rethink Easter. Today, on Easter sunday, in order to conclude this series here are 10 accomplishments […]

10 Ways We Should Rethink Easter

Tomorrow we celebrate Good Friday, and with it the very heart of the Gospel: the death, burial, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus Christ. I want to present ten ways that we should think differently about Easter this year. In doing […]

Blood Moon Madness (End Times Info-Graphic)

Let me tell you an interesting fact: End times prophetic words have a success rate of exactly 0% and a failure rate of exactly 100%.  If that’s confusing data for you, let me help you with this info-graphic. (I’ve spent hours of […]