T. F. Torrance on the Passible Impassibility of God

T. F. Torrance writes in dialogue with Jurgen Moltmann, towards the end of his (incredible!) work, The Christian Doctrine of God: One God Three Persons (LINK), on the tough issue of God’s Impassibility (which simply means the inability of God to suffer). […]

10 Ways We Should Rethink Easter

Tomorrow we celebrate Good Friday, and with it the very heart of the Gospel: the death, burial, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus Christ. I want to present ten ways that we should think differently about Easter this year. In doing […]

The Election of Christ – T.F. Torrance

God and man meet in Jesus Christ and a new covenant is eternally established and fulfilled. In Himself, as God and man in union, Jesus Christ is the actualization of the eternal purpose of God to give Himself to humanity […]