Billy Graham and Karl Barth

Billy Graham and Karl Barth are two monumental figures of 20th century Christianity. Though upon their meeting, it became clear the contradictions between both men, especially in their understanding of the Gospel. Eberhard Busch writes in his biography of Barth […]

Jesus Christ: The Future of Mankind

I’ve been re-reading one of the first things I ever read from Karl Barth, which remains to this day my favorite of all his writings. This is volume IV.1 from the Church Dogmatics. It’s amazing now after coming full circle, […]

A Vision of Christ (Podcast)

A Vision of Christ: This message was shared on May 21st, 2014 at Hope:Tallinn church in Estonia. 20 minutes long, on “what makes the Gospel good news?” Enjoy!     Notes: New English Bible, John 1:1-5, 14: Who is Christ? […]

Holy Week Meditation: The Love Dream of God

What drove Jesus to the cross? In the stunning words of St. Catherine: You, high eternal Trinity, acted as if You were drunk with love, infatuated with Your creature.. Love. Jesus became a man, lived a life within our fallen […]

I Will Not “Should” on Myself Today

The Gospel invites us to join in the rest of God, to sit at the feet of our Father, and to savor the warmth of His love and embrace. The Good News of God’s outrageous love for us produces rest. […]

Sorry, but Jesus Wasn’t a White Guy.

“The scholarly consensus is actually that Jesus was, like most first-century Jews, probably a dark-skinned man.” (Source) Sorry Charlie, but Jesus wasn’t a white guy from Utah. He wasn’t an American individualist. He came from the middle eastern country of Israel, […]

You’re In, You’re Not?

I should have know better, but I did it anyways. I went and commented on a Facebook post, hoping for a thoughtful discussion in return. Boy was I wrong. I commented on a sponsored post on how “God controls the […]