A Barthian Critique of Paul Tillich’s Systematic Theology

Last week I posted some of Karl Barth’s comments on Paul Tillich’s Systematic Theology. [LINK] Today I finished reading the excellent book it came from: The Systematic Theology of Paul Tillich by Alexander J. McKelway. [LINK] This book is a dissertation presented to and written under […]

Karl Barth on Tillich’s Systematic Theology

Paul Tillich is a theologian of interest for me, despite my partiality to Karl Barth. Barth, Bultmann, and Tillich are often considered the three most influential names in 20th century theology (though I’d like to add TF Torrance to that list!), […]

Fundamentalism as Fear (Tillich)

I’ve been reading recently Paul Tillich’s (in)famous book The Courage to Be. I have many suspicions about Tillich’s theology, and, from what little I’ve read of him, I inherently feel predisposed against his general method, as well as many of his conclusions. […]