Trinitarian Theology and Paradox – John Crowder

John CrowderMany theologies engage in analytical debate against one another with the aim of “winning” when scriptures seem to present contradictions. Trinitarianism is more mystical – perhaps postmodern in that sense. Rather than debate, it lives in the dialectical tension of mystery. It is okay with embracing paradox.

For instance, there are a plethora of verses on hell and eternal torment. But there are also a plethora of verses on universal salvation for all mankind. Which of these verses do you throw away?

Be careful taking scissors to your Bible in any direction! Rather than drawing hard lines of debate, Trinitarian theology holds these things in the tension of paradox, keeping hope for mankind without jumping into dogmatic assumptions. We must look at all sides of scripture to arrive at honest answers. But there are places where your logic (even your best theo-logic) will not provide answers.

In addition, the Trinitarian approach is not “causal” or problem oriented. It does not start with problems like “Why aren’t some saved?” Instead, it begins with the person and work of Christ, which was sufficient for all men, and works from there as a starting point.

– John Crowder

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