“We Belong” is Finally Here! (Publishing Date Announced)

3d boxI am ecstatic to announce today the official release date of my upcoming book We Belong: Trinitarian Good News! 

It’s been almost a year and a half of writing, struggling, re-writting, editing, and pondering the content of this book, but it’s finally finished! I am incredibly proud of what I have accomplished with this book, and the work I have put into it will undoubtably speak for itself.

So, without further ado, We Belong arrives August 15th! 

For the first two weeks of the release, it’ll be available exclusively through this website at a discount (25% off cover price). Additionally, everyone who purchases either an ebook or paperback copy during the first two weeks will receive three free ebooks (including my last book Where Was God?). 

This book has been in my heart to write for the last five years and words simply cannot contain the level of excitement I have for it’s release. My hope and prayer is that this book will ignite a passion for the gospel in all who read it. The message of this book has changed my life, and I pray it does to same to everyone who reads it!


“I’ve kind of always wondered why the gospel is referred to as good news, when if you ask most Christians to explain it, it sounds more like bad news with a handy trapdoor of potentially better news. In We Belong, Morrison finally explained to me why the awe-inspiring relationship God has both within Himself as the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and with us as humanity is the best news… I have never felt as delighted with God and invited by God as I do after reading this book.”

– Sarah Brown, reviewer

“I once heard a man say that the point of theology is to lead people to worship. If that is true than you have been successful in your theological endeavor. I found myself worshiping God multiple times while reading the book.”

– Joshua Lister, reviewer


We Belong is about the Gospel: what is it and why is it good news. 

Within this theme there are several topics I discuss in the book. These include the Trinity, election, creation, sin, theology, the incarnation, the hypostatic union, the vicarious humanity of Christ, the atonement, atonement theories, new creation realities, the coming Kingdom of God, the resurrection of the dead, union with Jesus Christ, mysticism, universalism, preaching the gospel, and our inclusion into the Trinitarian life of God. There’s a lot packed into this book! Everything is worked out to be both theologically grounded and practically inspirational.

We Belong: Trinitarian Good News coming August 15th!

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