Why I am LGBTQIA+ Affirming (as a Christian Theologian)


2 thoughts on “Why I am LGBTQIA+ Affirming (as a Christian Theologian)

  1. Thank you for the thought provoking video. One question, c, 9.25 you seem to indicate the soul as a being a distinct part of a person. I have been taught that such a view is much more based on Greek, specifically Plato’s philosophy, rather than on the prevalent Hebrew viewpoint of the body and soul being much less separable and both needed to make up the person. That of course is probably an oversimplification of the issue. Perhaps the Greek vs Hebrew distinction is unnecessary for the point you were trying to make, Thanks.

  2. If you’re willing to use external agenda-driven philosophy to interpret Scripture, then you have flung wide the doors to any human-driven re-interpretation of the text, and basically handed the world a spiritual free-for-all. One could even say that you have given the finger to God’s word on this particular subject. Romans 1 cannot be mistaken–nor can God’s OT perspective be missed. I can only conclude that you have no belief in inerrancy at all.

    I have had many gay/etc. friends over the years, having been a classical musician, and one such dear friend played the organ for our wedding. I have no anger towards this community. The lifestyle is, however, inexcusable to God–apart from whatever fleshly inclinations may plague a person.

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