World Cancer Day: Is God Responsible?

SA10519_WCD_Logo_4cYesterday was World Cancer Day: a day to raise awareness about cancer.

Cancer is a heartbreaking reality that effects our world every day. It has effected millions, causing destruction and death to follow in it’s wake. Plainly put: cancer sucks!

Nobody in their right mind would disagree. Cancer is a horrible thing. There is nothing good about it.

But.. The most disgusting thing in the world to me is when Christians blame cancer on God.

I’ve heard it way too many times, and I am absolutely sick of it.

“Cancer is God’s will.” “Sickness and death is God’s will.”

What horrible conclusions we have drawn about God! What a terrifying God we must have!

But I do not, with everything within me, believe in a God who causes cancer. I believe that our God, the God of infinite goodness and love, is the God who heals cancer. He is not the cause of cancer! He is the healer of cancer!

Is God to blame?

I don’t believe God causes cancer, but it shocks me to discover how many Christians do.

Not only is such a thought terrifying, but biblically speaking, it is twisted and inaccurate. There is no biblical evidence that points to a God who causes pain and suffering to happen in our world. That is not what He is like!

What is God like? The perfect image of God is Jesus! (See Colossians 1:15)

Therefore, think about this. Did Jesus ever give anyone sickness, or death? Did Jesus kill people?

No! Of course He didn’t!

Then likewise, we must conclude that God is the very same way! God does not cause sickness. He does not kill people. God does not cause cancer!

I’m extremely passionate about correcting this horrendous error in Christianity! (It’s what I wrote my first book about!) I am sick and tired of Christians teaching a God who is more like Zeus, then like Jesus.

God is good! He is not Zeus, the god who sends lightning bolts down to earth as punishment. God is the good God who comes to the earth, heals our sickness, and saves our lives through His self giving sacrifice on the cross!

Let’s set the record straight

Let’s set the record straight. God does not cause cancer!

On World Cancer Day, let’s not forget who “steals, kills, and destroys..”, and who “gives life.” (Hint: The devil steals, kills, and destroys. God gives life! See John 10:10)

God is not behind pain and suffering! He is an outrageously good God, who is madly in love with the world!!

Side note: you can get my book, which explains a well thought-out case for why God does not cause pain, by clicking here.

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