You’re In, You’re Not?

24092006I should have know better, but I did it anyways. I went and commented on a Facebook post, hoping for a thoughtful discussion in return.

Boy was I wrong.

I commented on a sponsored post on how “God controls the weather.” Yes, it’s a serious post somewhere out there in internet land. Somebody felt like it was so important to not only share this thought, but also to pay and advertise it.

I made a comment because I believe God does not control the weather. I don’t believe He’s in control at all. (I spend a whole chapter explaining why in my book.)

So I commented to join the discussion, hoping for the best. I even offered a free copy of my book to anyone who might be interested in a different perspective.

I got no emails for the book, but what I did get shocked me: I got attacked.

One man went so far as to say that I am “a man outside of the church.”

Really? I’m not a Christian, or part of the body of Christ any more? And who has decided this? Did The Lord sovereignly tell you to kick me out?

I’m not offended. I’m sure he’s a great guy, and that he truly loves The Lord.

But I think it underlines something that is extremely screwed up in Christianity.

We think we’re an exclusive club.

Phil DrysdaleDespite the fact that Jesus lived a life of including people not of excluding them. He ate with sinners, and tax collectors. He spent time with the rejects of the world.

Do we do that? Are we quick to include people, or are we quick to exclude people?

What about homosexuals? I’ve heard of churches that have banned homosexuals from their services.

Does that sound like something Jesus would do?

Is it really our job to say who’s “in” and who’s “out?”

For my money, the moment Christianity starts excluding those whom God has included- we will find ourselves no longer preaching the good news of free-Grace, but the bad news of conditional-Grace.

“Oh you foolish Galatians, who has bewitched you?”

As soon as we make a list of conditions for acceptance with God, we are no longer preaching the Gospel. We are preaching religion.

Grace has no conditions. Grace is free-for-nothing. Grace is extreme, and Grace is for all.

Grace is the astonishing announcement that the cross has included everyone. There are no outsiders! Everyone is accepted and embraced in the love of Christ.

“God so loved the world..”

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(Image credit: Phil Drysdale. He’s awesome, check him out.)

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